Google Apps for Work is Great for Start-Ups

We moved our email from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps for Work years ago, and I’d highly recommend the change for any small company.


I love that everything is in the cloud for us – email, shared docs, calendars, etc., and it’s all easy to manage from our iPhones and iPads, too (not sure about the iWatch).

Plus, when a new employee comes on, it’s really quick and easy to get them set up, and there is no need to install anything. That’s a big plus for a lean company.

Anyhow, Google Apps has provided me with some coupons to share for 20% off for the first year.


So, only the first five people to sign up for Google Apps for Work will get the deal.

And yes, that’s an affiliate link – I would never encourage you to use a product or service I don’t personally use and find to be great.

Get a Cool Shirt and Help Fight Breast Cancer

We recently shared the design of a shirt (nice job, Missy!) we’ll be wearing in the AVON 39 walks to raise funds and awareness to fight breast cancer, and lots of people asked if they could get one of the shirts.


So, we’ve created a campaign on Booster where you can buy a shirt and proceeds will be donated in the names of the the Affiliate Marketers Give Back teams for the upcoming AVON 39 walks in Washington, DC (May 2-3, 2015), Santa Barbara, CA (September 12-13, 2015), and New York City (October 17-18, 2015).

The design is available on an American Apparel Jersey T-shirt, American Apparel Juniors Jersey T-shirt, Augusta Ladies V-Neck Performance Shirt, Bella Juniors Tank, and Next Level Juniors Tri-Blend Deep V-Neck T-shirt.

This Affiliate Marketers Give Back fundraiser is running through May 17, 2015, so get your shirt before it’s too late.

Who Needs a Hand Up to Go to Affiliate Summit East 2015?

Here at Affiliate Summit, we want to help as many people as possible get introduced to the world of affiliate marketing.

helping hand

We fully understand that attending Affiliate Summit East 2015 is outside of the budget of some aspiring marketers, so we will be sponsoring up to fifty Affiliate Summit Pay It Forward Scholarships for affiliates to attend the conference for the first time.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is Friday, June 19, 2015.

The goal of our Pay It Forward program is to make the education and networking experience of Affiliate Summit available to affiliates who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Each recipient of the Affiliate Summit Pay It Forward Scholarships will be awarded one VIP Pass (a $1,249 value) to Affiliate Summit East 2015, taking place August 2-4, 2015 at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York, NY.

Winners of the scholarships will be notified on or about Monday, June 29, 2015.

In order to be considered for an Affiliate Summit Pay It Forward Scholarship, please complete the online application.

Mark your calendar – the deadline for submissions is Friday, June 19, 2015. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn and grow.

Can Affiliate Marketing Be Profitable?

Q: with an average CTR of 1.5% and a good conversion rate being around 2% I need to drive insane traffic to a site for it to be profitabel, or so it seems. Obviously, “insane” traffic is the goal, but realistically speaking, how hard is to make affiliate marketing a profitable venture. I read that 39.9% of affiliate marketers profit less than $5,000/year. It certainly depends on the person, but I would still like to know some honest and realistic figures that are hype-free. Thanks!

Shawn CollinsA: I am not sure of the source of the 39.9% figure, but in the AffStat 2014 survey that we conducted and published last year, the closest data point we had was that 46% of affiliate marketers made less than $20,000 the previous year. That data was compiled from surveys with over 1,800 affiliates.

That said, it’s certainly very common for many affiliates to make little to no money from their efforts, due to a variety of factors, including a lack of time invested, or a site that really doesn’t provide value.

Some factors that will play a role in your success or failure include…

  • your topic or niche
  • the network or technology used to track and report, and likelihood you will receive earned commission (I have a bias against in-house tracking)
  • products or services being promoted, as conversions and commissions vary greatly
  • target audience, which could dictate the amount of disposable income
  • the average order value (AOV) of the products or services you are promoting
  • the competition and level of saturation in the marketplace
  • the destination of your traffic: homepage vs. deep links
  • the creative being used
  • the support and resources from the affiliate program, which could be intelligence on best sellers

Hopefully that helps you get some clarity on your question.

Video: Can Affiliate Marketing Be Profitable?

Ask Shawn Collins your affiliate marketing question and it will be added on the affiliate blog.

FeedFront Magazine Issue 30 is Now Available

The 30th issue of FeedFront is headed to the printer and copies will be going out to over 43,000 subscribers in April.

ff30_coverIssue 30 of FeedFront will also be distributed at Performance Marketing Summit 2015 in Boca Raton.

This issue of FeedFront Magazine includes Is Your Business Planted or Buried? by Shawn Collins, 3 Common PPC Management Mistakes by Miles Olson, How to Write Content People Will Read by Helen Fang, Twitter Cards, and What Affiliates Need To Know by Kyler Patterson.

Also, affiliate recruiting emails, growing your Pinterest following, telling your brand’s story through testimonials, buying and selling websites, LinkedIn, leveraging coupon and loyalty sites, curation, fraud, monetizing apps, and more.

Issue 30 of FeedFront Magazine can now be viewed online, downloaded, and printed from

Get the FeedFront RSS if you’d like to get all of the articles as they are published to the feed.

If you haven’t subscribed, you can get the magazine for free in the U.S. (sorry to everybody else, but mailing outside of the U.S. is very expensive). Also, become a fan of FeedFront on Facebook to see past issues, covers, etc.