The Big Impact of Big Data on Affiliate Marketing

bigdataMarketingProfs and Impact Radius recently produced a whitepaper that highlights the use of big data in affiliate marketing.

The whitepaper covers the legacy approach to affiliate data management, and why that approach is problematic, as well as the disruption of traditional affiliate analytics by big data.

The whitepaper also includes 10 questions to evaluate the health of your affiliate program.

And there is a case study about how Advance Auto Parts leveraged big data intelligence to overhaul their affiliate program.

Download The Big Impact of Big Data on Affiliate Marketing whitepaper.

Two Tap is Simplifying the Product Purchase Process

Two Tap is a new tool that enables affiliates to allow visitors to purchase products directly within their app or site.


The way Two Tap works is that affiliates can enable a seamless real-time checkout experience for any product on any device in a branded environment.

It’s free for retailers, but affiliates pay out 15% of what they earn through these transactions to Two Tap.

You can see an example of Two Tap at Scroll down to “Two Tap in action”.

Dealing With Shady Companies, #ASE14 Keynote Videos, and Growers vs. Showers at Affiliate Summit

On the August 25, 2014 episode of 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven podcast (listen to 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven), I talked about dealing with shady companies that try to scam people, the pictures from Affiliate Summit East 2014, and the top sessions from the conference.

Growers vs Showers

I also covered videos of keynotes from the recent Affiliate Summit, booking hotel rooms for Affiliate Summit West 2015, and fighting breast cancer.

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Subscribe to 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven on iTunes.

Book at Paris Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2015

Affiliate Summit West 2015 is taking place January 18-20, 2015 at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. A block of rooms have been reserved over the nights of January 15-21, 2014.

Book your room now at Paris Las Vegas

We are offering two special group rates at the Paris Las Vegas:

  • $165 per night for Luxury Rooms with 1 King Bed or 2 Queen Beds (plus tax & service / single or double occupancy)
  • $179 per night for Red Room Luxury with 1 King Bed (plus tax & service / single or double occupancy)

The Affiliate Summit room rate will be available through December 15, 2014, or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.

Please be sure to register for Affiliate Summit before booking your hotel. We have a limited number of rooms, and when they fill up, anybody not registered for Affiliate Summit is subject to losing the discounted rate.

To book your reservation at Paris Las Vegas, secure your room online, or call 877-603-4389 and ask for the Affiliate Summit rate and provide Group Code SPASI5.

More information on the Affiliate Summit West 2015 travel page.

Top 10 Sessions by Audience Growth at Affiliate Summit East 2014

Affiliate Summit East 2014 was our largest Affiliate Summit East event to date, with over 4,000 attendees representing approximately 2,000 companies, over August 10-12, 2014 in New York City.

Affiliate Summit East in NYCThere were dozens of educational sessions during the conference, so nobody is able to check in on every one of them.

The good news there is that if your registration included access to the session videos, they will be available shortly. Otherwise, you can purchase a virtual pass for the videos.

So anyway, we count the number of people in the audience for each session at the start and middle of the session. Presumably, some people join sessions already underway due to a buzz on social media and other word of mouth.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 sessions at Affiliate Summit East 2014, based on the number of people who joined in the audience between the start and midpoint of the session.


See the Affiliate Summit East 2014 agenda for details on each session.

  1. 5 Foundational Pillars of Affiliate Program’s Success
  2. Live Affiliate Program Reviews – 2 Managers, 2 Affiliates
  3. How to Become a Digital Marketing and Social Media Expert
  4. How to Build a Successful Blog
  5. Content-Driven Commerce: Affiliate Marketing Gets a Makeover
  6. 21 Advanced Paid Search Tips You Can Implement Today
  7. Rethinking Today’s Hot Issues Affecting Affiliate Programs
  8. Link Building Reboot -Hot Strategies for More Traffic
  9. The Secrets of Slickdeals Revealed 
  10. SEO, Link Building, Authorship, & Surviving Google Updates

We look forward to seeing you at Paris Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2015 on January 18-20, 2015.