Customer Behavior in a Hyper Connected World at Affiliate Summit East 2011

This was a conference session titled Customer Behavior in a Hyper Connected World from Affiliate Summit East 2011, which took place August 21-23, 2011 in New York City.

Affiliate Summit East 2011Session speaker:

  • Larry Bailin, CEO, Single Throw Internet Marketing

Session description:

Humorous and motivational business speaker, Larry Bailin will show you where, when, how, and why customers connect with marketing messages and how to make them connect with yours.

Experience level: Intermediate, Advanced
Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers, Merchants/Advertisers, Networks
Niche/vertical: Internet Marketing

Session video:

Customer Behavior in a Hyper Connected World video

Note: the companies and positions listed above were current as of the time of the conference. Some of this information may have changed since then.

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