Does the World Need Another Affiliate Marketing Book?

I have been speaking to a big book publisher about writing a very basic book on affiliate marketing. I think there is a big need for a realistic guide to getting started as an affiliate.

There are a bunch of books out that targeting this audience, like Affiliate Millions, but they amount to a tragic waste of ink and paper.

However, maybe a printed book through a major publisher isn’t the right format anymore. The publishers I’ve spoken with went out of their way to talk about the versions for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc., as well as Audible, Scribd, and a number of other places.

Not to mention the news that Borders has filed for bankruptcy protection.

If the physical bookshelf in a bookstore is becoming a thing of the past, does it even make sense to write for “the man” anymore?

I can get electronic and audio versions made up, as well as securing placement on on my own.

Plus, I like the idea of going electronic and having the ability to update content along the way. Either a blog or Kindle version or some other electronic book.

When I wrote Success Affiliate Marketing for Merchants in 2000, I was horrified that companies I’d highlighted were out of business by the time the book hit shelves.

Also, in speaking with the publisher, they said they’d want around 250 pages. While I could certainly hit that target, I don’t think this sort of guide needs to be that long, so there would be padding.

Anyhow, after evaluating all of the pros and cons, I decided the next affiliate marketing physical book won’t be written by me.