Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants

Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants is an affiliate marketing “How To” guide that covers the history of the industry, and provides a roadmap for the planning, implementation, and management of a successful affiliate program.

Successful Affiliate Marketing for MerchantsIf you manage an affiliate program, you need this book,” commented Allan Gardyne, founder of

Each chapter in the 352-page book contains information about affiliate marketing and how to best optimize it.

Authors Shawn Collins, called “one of the Net’s most astute affiliate program managers,” and Frank Fiore, eBusiness Strategist and Affiliate Marketing Consultant, show readers all of the essential components of an affiliate program in a simple to understand format.

Table of Contents

Part I: What Affiliate Marketing Can Do for Your Business

    1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
    2. The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
    3. Become an Affiliate Yourself and Earn Income

Part II: Setting Up Your Affiliate Program

    4. Step One – Planning Your Affiliate Program
    5. Step Two – Choosing Your Program Model
    6. Step Three – Getting the Word Out
    7. Step Four – Choosing the Right Affiliates
    8. Step Five – Creating Your Affiliate Agreement
    9. Step Six – Tracking Your Affiliate Program
    10. Step Seven – Paying Your Affiliates

Part III: Managing Your Affiliate Program

    11. Managing Your Program
    12. Communicating with Your Affiliates
    13. Supporting Your Affiliates


    A. The 10 Deadly Sins of Affiliate Marketing
    B. Affiliate Marketing Master Plan
    C. Affiliate Directories

I wrote Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants in the end of 2000, so there are a lot of outdated references. Have a look at my video updates of Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants.