The Last Click Attribution Model in Affiliate Marketing is Broken

Skimlinks has published research about how content sites are being shortchanged by the last click attribution model in affiliate marketing.

SkimlinksThe whitepaper, “Content Creators are Underpaid, Representing Tremendous Opportunity for Advertisers“, was created in partnership with UK retailer Shop Direct.

The study found that content sites, such as editorial and social websites, consistently raise awareness of a brand or product, but rarely receive the financial reward for doing so, because of the inadequacies of the last click attribution model used in affiliate marketing.

Further, the study revealed that affiliate content sites can drive high volumes of new customers to online retailers.

Some key findings from the whitepaper, include…

  • Content sites were the last click only 6% of the time.
  • 94 percent of the time, the content affiliate was NOT awarded the sale.
  • 65% of the time when a content site is the first click in a purchase journey, sparking purchase intent, another channel is the last click, taking all the credit for the sale.
  • Content sites drove nearly 30% more new customers to brand sites than the average of all other channels when a user began the purchase journey by reading a content site.
  • When consumers started by reading a content site about a product, their desire to purchase grew with time: 9% of the sales occurred within one hour, 16% within 24 hours, 31% happened within 3 days.

It’s great to see this issue being discussed, and as a content affiliate, I have one thing to say: SHOW ME THE MONEY!