Split Commissions for Affiliates

The typical affiliate program pays out commission to the last referrer and nobody else. While this is great for the last site to touch the customer, it doesn’t account for any previous affiliates that played a role in closing the sale.

But what if there were a way to spread the commission across some or all affiliates that played some role in the ultimate transaction?

As far as I know, this hasn’t been an option to date, but that is changing with the launch of a split commissions feature by UK affiliate network MoreNiche on June 14.

MoreNiche will enable merchants to pay on first referrer, last referrer, everyone in the middle or a combination of all three.

Initially, they are rolling out with one merchant, Proactol, who will continue to offer their current commission of 30% for the last referrer, but now they will also offer a bonus £3.50/$5.00 for the first referrer.

More details coming soon at http://www.moreniche.com/.

I wonder if we’ll see this innovation cross the Atlantic sometime soon.