ShareASale Launches an Affiliate Aquarium

ShareASale is launching a private social-type network, which operates within their site, and it is called the “Affiliate Aquarium.”


As far as affiliates and merchants in ShareASale, participation is optional, but their hope is that increased interaction between ShareASale merchants and affiliates will result in better relationships.

The Affiliate Aquarium features all of the traditional aspects of social networking, such as creating groups, blogs, events, status updates, as well as some unique features.

“Our goal is to create a more open communication platform from which Merchants and Affiliates can freely interact, within a private and comfortable setting. While there will be ShareASale folks in the Aquarium, the majority of those posting and interacting will be Merchants and Affiliates on the ShareASale Network,” according to Brian Littleton, founder and CEO of ShareASale.

As far as the name, it came from a dinner conversation at Ad-Tech San Francisco back in April of 2007 when a group of us were discussing the various aspects of the industry.

Brian sketched up a rendering of our conversation at the time (don’t try to make sense of it).


Keep an eye on the ShareASale blog for more details.