ShareASale Integrates Two Factor Authentication

ShareASale now offers two factor authentication for all accounts.

Google AuthenticatorTwo factor authentication is a safeguard to help prevent unauthorized people from accessing your account.

I have been using it for Dropbox, Facebook, and Gmail, and now ShareASale.

ShareASale is using “soft tokens” for their second factor, which means you will receive your code to login via your mobile device.

Their setup is compatible with “Google Authenticator” (that’s the app I use on my iPhone for this) and “Amazon Virtual MFA”.

The apps display a 6 digit code that changes every 30 seconds.

Once you have activated two factor authentication for your ShareASale account, you will need to append this 6 digit code to the end of your password each time you log in.

I literally got it set up in a minute.

I’d encourage everybody using ShareASale to activate this feature to better protect their accounts.