Roadtrip to Austin, Day 3

The third day of my trip from New Jersey to Austin, TX was light on traffic and heavy on FM radio for country music.

I am in the home stretch and will have the shortest drive of my four days. Plus, I get to listen to pre-game and hopefully the Jets/Browns game on the radio.

I love NFL games, but don’t care for college football, so yesterday was a little much with all the games in SEC country.

Yesterday, I drove about 450 miles from Birmingham, AL to Bossier City, LA.

We took a break at a truck stop in the late morning. I’m really gaining a love for these ridiculous spots with the stores that sell all sorts of crazy stuff.

After getting the dogs fed and everything, I headed into an Arby’s at the truckstop for some lunch. I guess I never thought about it, so I was surprised to hear them calling numbers for turns to take showers.

And there was a counter on the wall, so you could keep your place in line.

As I drove into Mississippi and started seeing signs for Jackson, you’d better believe my dogs got to hear me channel Johnny and June Carter Cash singing Jackson. Matti didn’t like when I sang the June parts.

I’d say the highlight of the day was driving over the Mississippi River and looking out at the view. It’s a neat thing to drive through all of these cities and points of interest.

We made a dog stop as we entered Louisiana, and Matti was on the lookout for Ron Guidry (aka “Louisiana Lightning”).

The day wrapped up at a LaQuinta near Shreveport, LA. I was concerned when I checked in, because the put me on the backside of the building and it looked really sketchy. I’m talking like a place where they’d film the opening scene in Criminal Minds.

I was relieved this morning when I went out with the dogs at 6:30 and it turned out there were a bunch of military folks staying here.

I also felt really lazy, since they were going off to work, and I was heading back to my room to watch TV and write blog posts.

Next stop (after some pit stops): Austin, TX.

States visited on day 3: Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana

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