Podcasting Tips with Daniel M. Clark #AFFCHAT Transcript

We had our inaugural Affiliate Summit Twitter Chat last night and it was a frenzied, fun, and informative time.

Daniel M. Clark speaks at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Daniel M. Clark (@QAQN) was our expert guest and he fielded questions from me and other Twitter chat participants.

Check out the podcasting Twitter chat transcript.

Questions covered by Daniel included…

  • How do you decide on topics to podcast on?
  • How frequent do you recommend podcasting?
  • Is there a standard length for podcasts?
  • Which software do you use to record podcasts?
  • Which software do you use to edit podcasts?
  • Where can I upload and post a podcast?
  • How do I get a podcast up on iTunes?

We also talked about headsets to use, monetizing podcasts, and outsourcing podcasting voiceovers on Fiverr.

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