Only Exhibitors and Sponsors May Distribute Materials at Affiliate Summit East 2012

Affiliate Summit rules prohibit distributing any sort of promotional materials or advertisements at the conference by companies who are not exhibitors and/or sponsors.

The following is in the terms when attendees register for the conference:

Signage and Distribution of Materials:
Attendees may not place signage or distribute advertisements and/or promotional material of any kind anywhere in the conference facilities during the entire length of the conference.

Failure to abide by these conditions may result, at the discretion of the Affiliate Summit, in the eviction of persons involved without compensation to the attendee, and the attendee may forfeit the right to attend a future Affiliate Summit event.

If your company is not currently an exhibitor and/or sponsor, there are currently two booths remaining in the exhibit hall. Book a booth now.

The Meet Market is sold out.