Never Stop Climbing

Never Stop Climbing – that is the motto of Affiliate Summit.

Never Stop Climbing

Affiliate Summit was founded by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins in 2003 for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers.

Over the past ten years of Affiliate Summit, there have been more than 50,000 attendees registered for the conferences (see the historical Affiliate Summit attendee numbers).

Some affiliate marketers have been to most or all of the couple dozen shows so far, while others have been to a handful, one or none.

But they all have one thing in common – their journey, their evolution as affiliate marketers is ongoing.

There are always new relationships to begin and updated strategies and practices to learn.

We hope to see you again or for the first time at Affiliate Summit East 2013 as you continue your climb.