I’m on Team Dell

I got my first computer back in 1994 – it was an Acer with a 9600 baud modem modem, if I remember correctly. My next one was a Dell, and I’ve been a fan of the brand ever since.

Unboxed my new Dell Studio XPS 13

So, I was excited to get an invite for an event in Austin at the Dell headquarters next week called Dell CAP Days (Customer Advisory Panel).

The good folks at Dell are flying me out and taking care of the hotel for me. I’ll have an opportunity to get a tour, see some new products, share my feedback on Dell products, and what I think of the brand.

Anyhow, I update laptops and desktops fairly often, and I don’t really know how many I’ve purchased at this point, but I went around my house to see what I’ve got here currently for myself, my wife, and kids.

Updates to the Affiliate Summit laptops before shipping to Vegas

  • Dell Studio XPS 435MT (my current desktop)
  • Dell Studio XPS 1340 (my current laptop)
  • Dell Mini (netbook)
  • Dell Vostro 1400 (previous laptop)
  • Dell Vostro 200 (my wife’s desktop)
  • Dell Latitude D810 (old laptop I gave to my kids)
  • Dell XPS 410 (old desktop I gave to my kids)
  • Dell Dimension 2400 (old desktop I gave to my kids)
  • Dell Inspiron 910 (4 of them for Affiliate Summit session presentations)
  • Dell Inspiron B130 (4 of them for Affiliate Summit registration staff)

Also, I’ve purchased some Dells to give away as prizes.

After my older Dells have been phased out, I’ve removed the hard drives and sent them on to computer heaven.

Two computers I am retiring

Curbside Computers

I’m anxious to see what new things they have in store, because I’m probably due for some upgrades by the end of this year.

Follow Dell CAP Days on Twitter with this hashtag: #DellCAP