How to Create the Three Quick Qualification Questions

David Gonzalez and Jonathan Herbert of the Internet Marketing Party talked about How to Create the Three Quick Qualification Questions for any situation with anyone… from a networking event to a birthday party at the Affiliate Summit Meetup in Austin, TX on March 27, 2012.

Affiliate Summit Meetup March 2012

It was a really interesting discussion on the right approach when communicating with people for the first time.

So many folks are a clumsy mess when they network, so I’d highly advise going through Dave and Jonathan’s slides for strategies and ideas.

Thanks a lot to Dave and Jonathan and everybody that came out for pizza and shop talk.

By the way, there will be an Internet Marketing Party the day before Affiliate Summit Central 2012. See the Affiliate Summit Central 2012 agenda for details.

About David

David Gonzalez is the founder of The Internet Marketing Party ™, whose motto is “Mixing Business and Pleasure since 2008? by bringing world-class marketing leaders OUT of stuffy conference rooms and into a cool BAR, for some of the best cutting edge digital marketing information, networking, and joint ventures with some of the most successful and highly recognized names in the online world. David also runs a successful joint venture company (Velvet Rope Joint Ventures) and is the creator of TopStarting (a system that shows you how to build a million dollar Rolodex helping you: “Start at the Top… of your next level in business”). He is passionate about spending quality time with truly world-class talent (in any field) as well as jamming out to music* with amazing friends that makes him dance kinda funny.

*at full volume

About Jonathan

Jonathan has always marched to the beat of a different drum. One of his biggest passions is connecting with industry leaders who have built their businesses driven by a purpose. His top priority is truly understanding what that vision is and uniting them with other like-minded individuals. He loves to create “the worm hole effect”, where mutually shared goals are achieved in the shortest amount of time possible. And these many resources combine themselves together as one “tribe”. Jonathan Herbert is also the co-founder of Velvet Rope Joint Ventures. His company is constantly expanding its knowledge regarding the people they work with while continuing to attend a wide variety of conferences, affiliate summits and networking events. He seeks out the truly unique “talent” and introduces them to the right people in a very quick, yet efficient manner. Yet, he always remembers to ensure that customer experience is king and that the “white glove” treatment is always applied. Jonathan loves fedoras more than most girls and shoes…and old women with cats. He also enjoys spending time with his wife Jennifer and enjoying a “Five Hour Energy” shot on a daily bases. You’ll find Jonathan all around Austin meeting new people, expanding his network or enjoying his favorite smoothie at The Juice Box on South Lamar.

Presentation: How to Create the Three Quick Qualification Questions