Free Guide to Set Up an Affiliate Site

Back in December 2010, I was in negotiations to write a book with a big publisher on affiliate marketing, but I didn’t like the direction (“get rich quick”) they wanted to go or that they would own the content.

Make Money OnlineAlso, they wanted 250 pages on becoming an affiliate, and I figured I could explain it clearly to people in far fewer pages.

And then there is the permanence of a printed book. The way of doing things evolves, but the advice in the book stay the same.

I wrote “Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants” back in 2000, and large parts were obsolete when it hit the shelves in 2001.

So anyway, I decided to take the process I use to create affiliate sites and share it for free as a blog, and the result was Extra Money Answer.

Here are all of the sections and subsections for anybody who wants to get started with an affiliate site.

  1. Introduction to the Extra Money Answer
  2. Pick a Topic for Your Site
  3. How to Create Content
  4. Brainstorm a Domain Name
  5. Website Hosting
  6. Using Email to Drive Traffic
  7. Secure Your Social Media Names
  8. Driving Traffic to Your Website
  9. Finding Affiliate Programs
  10. Creating Affiliate Links
  11. Enhanced Statistics for Affiliates
  12. Education for Affiliate Marketers

Stay tuned in the near future for a Kindle version for anybody who wants a more portable format.