Extra Money Answer is Available in a Bunch of Places Now

My book, Extra Money Answer, where I teach newbies how to get started as an affiliate, was exclusive to Amazon until recently. But now it’s available in print and digital from a number of booksellers.

Extra Money AnswerExtra Money Answer provides a real and honest picture of the opportunities in affiliate marketing. In the book, I explain how most people don’t make much at all, and that it requires lots of time, testing, and patience.

But you can make extra money if you do it right.

Learn how to come up with ideas for affiliate sites, create content, drive traffic, and make money with the site.

Wondering why you should read my book?

Well, I’ve been an affiliate since 1997. I also managed affiliate programs for ten years, and co-founded the Affiliate Summit conference in 2003. I’ve done this stuff every day since the 90’s and I know what works.

Also, you’ve probably seen books, ebooks, courses, etc. that claim they can teach you how to get rich quick.

I don’t do that. You won’t get rich quick as an affiliate. You probably won’t get rich slow, either. But it’s a great way to earn an extra $50, $100, or more a month.

You can get Extra Money Answer in either digital or paperbook formats from a number of booksellers.

Extra Money Answer Digital:

Extra Money Answer in Paperback:

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