Unhappy Birthday Wishes from Social Media Spammers

I woke up to a birthday wish from a Facebook friend* yesterday.

Tacky birthday wish

Well, it was more of a clumsy spam post wrapped in a birthday message:

Hi. Happy birthday. hope you don’t mind me messaging you, but I am keen to ensure that my Facebook Friends know about my Facebook Page( https://www.facebook.com/[redacted]) and, through it, my [redacted] page, on which you’ll find an ever-increasing number of my interviews, with and about interesting people. It would be great if you take the time to check it out and, of course, it would help me enormously, if you would “LIKE” it and, hopefully, “SHARE IT” with your own Facebook Friends.

Again, my Facebook Page address is: https://www.facebook.com/[redacted].

Please check it out.

Thanks, your Facebook Friend, [redacted] and, once again, Happy Birthday!

I really don’t understand the mindset here. Do people think this Trojan Horse tactic is effective?

It’s just insincere and annoying to me.

That sort of thing would rub me the wrong way on my actual birthday, but it seems even lazier and lamer when it’s nearly a week early.

This guy isn’t getting any of my birthday cake.

* I accepted his friend request, because we had lots of mutual friends. He’s a complete stranger to me.

Make Money With Your WordPress Blog

Missy Ward has authored a new book, Make Money With Your WordPress Blog, that helps people learn how to monetize their blog with affiliate marketing.

make-money-with-your-wordpress-blogThis quick and informative read is targeted towards the established blogger.

Make Money With Your WordPress Blog teaches how to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing embedded product or service reviews and tutorials.

I had a chance to read an advance copy and it was really useful information, and it was written in an easy to understand style.

The book includes guidance on how to:

  • Find the best products and services to review
  • Find and implement related affiliate marketing links and creatives
  • Create the perfect monetized review post and make people want to share it
  • Stay legal during the process

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions.

How to Get a Free Pass to Affiliate Summit East 2014, Running the @cap10k, and a Sell Out for the Performance Marketing Summit

On the April 7, 2014 episode of 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven podcast (listen to 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven), I talked about how it looks like a good opportunity to promote lululemon, running the Cap 10k in Austin, and that there are less than 20 booths left for Affiliate Summit East 2014.


I also mentioned the Performance Marketing Summit in Austin selling out, how to get a free pass to Affiliate Summit East 2014, and frustrations with brand hi-jackers.

Please review 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven on iTunes.

Show Links

Subscribe to 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven on iTunes

Subscribe to 7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven on iTunes.

Just Because It’s Called Affiliate Summit Doesn’t Mean It’s Affiliate Summit

Missy Ward and I created Affiliate Summit from scratch back in 2003, and have constantly evolved the company to do our best to make it the most productive and fun conference that it can be for the attendees.

affiliate-summit-logoSo, it’s more than a little frustrating when I see a constant stream of domains registered in various countries with the Affiliate Summit name in them.

The latest, lazy, unimaginative hacks claim there is nothing wrong, because our brand is a generic name.

A while back, we seemed to have made a good case to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to the contrary, because they granted us a trademark.

But that doesn’t matter much across borders. Apparently, honor and integrity don’t matter, either.

In addition to the shameless folks that try to ride on the brand we built, there are those conferences that don’t rip off our brand, but they lift entire paragraphs and pages of our copy.

As many past attendees and speakers of Affiliate Summit know, there is a new event purporting to be an Affiliate Summit that has been soliciting them for them past week.

Just to be clear, we’ve got nothing to do with these people.

Hopefully, there is no confusion with the real Affiliate Summit and these clones, because we work very hard to deliver on the Affiliate Summit experience.

Just because others take a shortcut and copy our name and/or marketing collateral, that doesn’t mean they have eleven years of history serving the industry that we eat, sleep and breathe.

So, if you don’t see it on our homepage, it’s not us.

Free A/B Split Test Plugin for WordPress

The Simple Page Tester plugin now has a free version.

Split testingI came across the Simple Page Tester premium plugin a couple years ago, and I was impressed with it.

But the premium pricetag made it inaccessible to lots of bloggers.

So, I was glad to see that they have released a free version of Simple Page Tester with basic features, and they now sell a $79 upgrade option to unlock extra features, such as conversion tracking.

If you’re not familiar with split or A/B testing, it is a process where you serve up different versions of your page to different visitors to determine which is more effective.

It’s simple to use, and I would highly recommend using this plugin or a different method, if you prefer – either way, you should be testing.