Getting to Inbox Zero Before Traveling

I strive for inbox zero on a regular basis, and it’s more challenging at some times than others.


When I am about to go on the road, I go into overdrive to try and clean out my inbox, and I largely use the system from Getting Things Done by David Allen.

But it’s still an ongoing challenge with the volume of email I have coming in. I was just looking at my reports from Gmail Meter, and I received nearly 5,000 emails this past July.

Like most people, I have peaks and valleys for email throughout the month with weekends being a little lighter. Towards the end of July, I had a big spike with Affiliate Summit coming up.


One of the reasons I am able to keep my inbox lean is my pretty rapid response as emails come in. In July, I replied to more than 90% of emails in less than a day.


But there are some emails that can’t be dealt with right away.

In those cases, I use Boomerang for Gmail, which enables you to set up reminders to re-contact people who don’t get back to you.

This is great for pushing out things that can’t be touched until later. So, I’ll have a bunch of things boomeranging on me a couple days after Affiliate Summit.

That’s fine with me – for now I’ve got all of the time sensitive stuff out of the way and a clear mind.

The Best Business Related Speeches in Movies

There have been lots of iconic scenes in movies that are related to business, so I was interested to see a WatchMojo video of the Top 10 Business Movie Speeches.

back-to-schoolThe list includes a bunch of clips you would expect, such as scenes from Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross, and the Boiler Room scene where Ben Affleck tries to be Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross.

I liked a lot of the picks in their list, but one glaring omission, in my opinion, was Back to School.

Yes, the Rodney Dangerfield movie from the 80′s where he joins his son in college.

The scene, I think, that should be on the list is where Dangerfield is in a class with a professor who is explaining how business works, a textbook idea of business.

The professor gives his overview and then says, “Any questions, class?”

At that point, Dangerfield interjects with his real world examples of running a successful business – his character is a successful business owner.

The comedy legend schools the professor.

Video: Top 10 Business Movie Speeches

Special Deal from KnowEm to Protect Your Social Media Branding

Y'all should listen to thisKnowEm is a service that can search over 500 social networks for and try to claim your brand or username, is offering a special deal on their pricing.

They are having a Black Friday Sale (it started last Friday) on their various social media profile creation packages.

I like this service a lot to help protect against brandjacking and/or social media identity theft.

KnowEm has three plans to choose from and they are discounted through July 31, 2014. The packages range from 100 to 300 social networks.

You can get 20% off the business package and 10% off the others.

Check out KnowEm’s Black Friday sale.

Want to Write for Issue 28 (October 2014) of FeedFront Magazine?

We are now accepting article proposals for issue 28 of FeedFront magazine.

feedfront-27-coverThe next issue of FeedFront will be coming out in October 2014, and we are accepting article proposals for that one through August 22, 2014.

If you are interested in writing an article, go to the FeedFront article proposal form to submit a one sentence summary on what you’d like to cover.

No ghost-written articles. We only want content from people writing from their personal experience on digital marketing related topics.

If you have previously been accepted to write an article and either failed to meet the deadline or did not adhere to the editorial guidelines, please submit your article proposal elsewhere.

We take our deadlines and guidelines seriously.

Do not submit a complete article now – just a one sentence summary.

We will contact everybody who submitted a proposal to let them know whether their article ideas are accepted or denied.

If you didn’t get the last issue, you can read Issue 27 of FeedFront Magazine online.

Are You Using a Mobile Responsive Email Template?

Mobile now accounts for the majority of email opens with a 51% share, according to data from litmus. Have you checked your email newsletter on your phone?


I just checked mine and it’s difficult to read on a phone.

When I went to look for a solution, my first stop was my email solution provider, AWeber, and I was delighted to see that they have lots of drag-and-drop email templates for broadcasts and follow up messages that are mobile responsive.

The mobile responsive templates from AWeber automatically resize themselves to fit the screen your subscribers open them on.

Your readers won’t have to scroll across their phone screens to read your message if your email is wider than their screen, which is so annoying.

Using these templates makes your email easier to read on a small phone screen, and therefore more likely to be read.

AWeber has over 600 mobile responsive templates, so there is no reason you should be serving up a bad experience. Soon, I won’t be forcing my old template on people.