Ball Four for Affiliate Marketing

One of my first affiliate sites was, which was all about the book Ball Four by Jim Bouton.

Ball Four

I purchased the domain back in June 2000 and created lots of original content around what is still one of my favorite books.

Back when the hardcover edition of the book came out in October 2000, I was excited to see that I got a mention for my work on the site toward the back of the book (page 517).

I ran it for many years before getting lazy and flipping the domain over as a direct link to the book on

shawn-jimAnyhow, there is another affiliate marketing tie in with Ball Four and Jim Bouton. He was the keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit East 2006 in Orlando.

But the real reason that Ball Four is on my mind, aside from the fact that I often read all or part of it at the start of baseball season, is that it’s now available for the Kindle, as well as on Audible with Jim Bouton doing the read.

I just got them both to enjoy as the Yankees claw up to first place.

Buy Ball Four on Audible, Kindle, or the old-fashioned way, if you’re a baseball fan.

Video: Jim Bouton on the Secret of Success