Affiliate Summit is the Top Internet Conference

I was chatting with Marc Ostrofsky, author of the upcoming book, Get Rich Click, at the Austin Internet Marketing Party, and he gave me an advance copy (thanks Marc!).

As I was paging through the book, I came across his list of the Top 25 Internet Conferences on page 222 of the book.

Affiliate Summit is the Best Internet Conference

And I was happily surprised to see Affiliate Summit up in the #1 spot.

Our goal is to make Affiliate Summit the best return on investment of any event in the schedule of our attendees, and we’re always anxious to hear harsh criticisms, suggestions, and anything else.

Contact us any time – our contact form goes to the entire Affiliate Summit team. So many changes over the years, such as the current version of our name tags, the newcomer program, our method of session Q&A, and the first timer sessions I run, have been the result of your feedback.

Keep telling us what you want and we’ll do our best to give it to you.

Get Rich Click is coming out on May 2 – stay tuned for a review of the book from me.