Affiliate Facebook Apps

Facebook applications, small programs within Facebook that interact with Facebook users, are catching on in affiliate marketing among merchants and affiliates.

Zappos has one that enables you to “share your favorite products and brands from with all of your friends.”

I read in the Amazon Web Services Developer Connection Newsletter yesterday where Amazon is encouraging Amazon ECS developers to try their hand at creating Facebook applications.

If you are an Amazon ECS developer, the more Facebook users that choose your application and use it in a way that sends traffic to Amazon, the more money you can earn at rates up to 10% by participating in the Amazon Associates Program.

Some examples of applications built for Facebook by developers using Amazon Associates and ECS (note that you’ll need to be logged into Facebook to view these):

  • iRead: Uses the ECS Search and List APIs to allow users to display their wishlist on their Facebook profile pages
  • Amazing Giftbox: Uses the ECS Search API to allow Facebook users to send any product on as a virtual gift to their friends
  • Amazing Wishlist: Uses the ECS Wishlist API to allow users to display wishlists on their Facebook profiles

Last week, on the Affiliate Thing show, super affiliate Connie Berg talked about plans to get a Facebook app going.

And I’ve come across some other affiliates that are already running affiliate Facebook apps, including Deals and Shopaneer.

Last, but not least, there is a new Facebook app from Affiliate Summit. But it comes at things from a different, more benevolent angle.

The purpose is to bring awareness to the scourge of badware. Get your Affiliate Summit Badware Protection at