5 Rock Solid Reasons to Podcast with Daniel M. Clark

Affiliate Summit ran a free webinar on reasons why you should podcast, and it’s now available to watch on demand for free.

Daniel M. ClarkWatch this webinar if want to get five good reasons why it makes sense for you to podcast.

Daniel M. Clark is a podcast production consultant and the founder of QAQN, a collection of informative and entertaining podcasts. A resident of the internet since 1992, he either is or has been: a t-shirt designer, an art reviewer, a system administrator, a video game designer and programmer, a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a podcaster, a space cowboy, and a gangster of love. He has, in fact, gotten his lovin’ on the run. Mostly what Daniel is right now is a work-at-home dad, raising two kids, ages 5 and 2 with his wife, Angela.

Video: 5 Rock Solid Reasons to Podcast

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