10 Tips for Your Affiliate Program

By Shawn Collins

There are many ways to make your affiliate program stand out and get noticed by affiliates. But some affiliate programs stand out for the wrong reasons. You see, it’s good to be a diaper dandy of affiliate marketing, but not so good to stand out as a red diaper baby. But enough of the Dennis Miller esoterica, let’s discuss the nuts and bolts of getting your affiliate program in the spotlight.

Affiliates sometimes have a short www.memory, so you’ve got to constantly take steps to get your affiliate program noticed for recruitment and later re-noticed for retention. I’ve got a ten step plan to help you make this happen.

1. Make your affiliate program better than the rest

What would you say if a prospective affiliate asked you why they should join your affiliate program? Most affiliate managers don’t have a quick answer for this. Ask yourself what are the three reasons an affiliate should pick your program over your competitors and formulate an elevator pitch.

Some highlights you might like to include are your conversion rate, average sale amount, EPC, top ten monthly affiliate earnings, suggested keywords for the PPC search engines and details on your data feed (this last is not applicable to all affiliate programs). If your numbers don’t look stellar, start working on repairing them.

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